Leeds Homeless Memorial partnership was set up about 5 years ago with the express aim of remembering the homeless of leeds who had died.

The event has grown over the years and the number of people and organisations involved has also grown. The service started at Swarthmore Education Centre who very kindly donated their venue and food for the event for three of the last five years.

Funding has come from a number of sources. Quaker Homeless Action helped in the first instance as did Leeds Quakers. Winchmore Hill Quakers have also held a collection and we are very grateful to the large number of indivduals who have given to the event.

We have always been open to new people joining the group. We have no political or religious affilations and would welcome new people to the group. If you feel that you have the time and are keen to join we would be pleased to here from you.

2009's event is being held at The Rose Bowl in Leeds;on the 9th of Dec, this is Leeds Metropolitan University's new building on Woodhouse Lane. The event runs from 5.30pm and it is a special screening of Ken Loach's film Kathy Come Home. We are extremely grateful to Ken Loach for allowing this screening.

Bill Kilgallon will give a keynote address and there will be a minute's silence to remember the dead. There follows food and tea and coffee.